The Poet and the Musician

"But it is undoubtedly in the duets that the tandem excels, the complementarity of the voices being a part of musical magic. From the introductory tête-à-tête, "Here The Deities", we immediately understand that between these two voices the affinities are more than friendly, they are elective. This will eloquently confirm the jubilant "Sound The Trumpet" given as a reminder. Whether they confuse their tessitura as in "O Dive Custos Auriacae Domus" or whether they respond from one solo to the other as in "No, resistance is but vain", they go well beyond a formal association of an evening. They marvelously inhabit the voluptuous waves of "Fairest Isle" as well as the languid dialogue of "Ah heav'n! What is't I hear "from one of Purcell's Masters, John Blow. The pleasure of hearing these two voices as a duet is such that the public asks for more and is then exhilarated, the two artists offering the audience as a final gift a Scottish Song "Annie Laurie" to close the evening."

"The program also gives pride of place to music, the Ensemble PRJCT Amsterdam is much more than a simple accompanist, it is a real breath. Under the direction of Maarten Engeltjes, the ensemble never gives in to the sometimes artificial enthusiasms into which more than one conductor can be drawn in this treacherously flattering repertoire. The roundness and flexibility of the sounds allow us to hear again and rediscover the music of Purcell with this characteristic blend of softness and firmness, rigor and flexibility, thus reminding us that he was one of the greatest melodists of his time."


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With the most beautiful baroque music, imaginative programming and the greatest baroque talents, Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam give concerts you won't soon forget.
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