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With the most beautiful baroque music, inventive projects and the greatest baroque talents, Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam give concerts you won't easily forget.

Art needs guardian angels

To continue to grow at home and abroad and ensure freedom in our programming, PRJCT Amsterdam needs your support. We would love to work with you to bring the beauty of baroque music to the world of today and tomorrow. Will you help us become one of the world's leading young baroque orchestras? 
Read more... Art comforts us, gives us hope, makes us think, identifies, connects and mirrors our souls. When life really matters, we often seek refuge in words, images or sounds that express precisely what we ourselves cannot find the words for.

Because of its great social importance, art should be accessible to everyone as much as possible, which is why it is often offered below cost. For this reason, governments around the world provide subsidies for arts and culture, which make up for budget shortfalls - from pop festivals to opera houses. While government subsidies are essential, we do not always agree with their distribution and the demands that come with subsidies. We think things can and should be better; overall, the sector will have to move from more to better. The current system promotes unfair competition, there seems little room for a new generation of musicians, the diversity and inclusion requirements sometimes work paralyzingly, the artist is often the final piece of the budget and the reliance on the vision and quality of the expert seems to be fading further and further into the background.

Performing Baroque music at the highest level for the audiences of today and tomorrow is our mission. But how can PRJCT Amsterdam achieve this goal without being too restricted in its artistic freedom? In recent years we have already shown that it can be done differently. With Maarten Engeltjes as our figurehead, we attract full theaters, an increasingly younger audience and get rave reviews. All thanks to an imaginative programming that was created in freedom.

However, without supplementing the deficits in our budget, we cannot ensure a solid foundation for our organization and growth at home and abroad. For this reason, we need private donors (guardian angels) who support our mission and protect our values. Support us, become an Angel!

Our guardian angels:

Amerart N.V.

Guardian Angels:

Remmelt Veenstra
Mieke van der Sluijs
Evelien Louwe Kooijmans

Jaap van Slooten
Hans Turenhout
Kees van der Steege
Hessel Project Management Support

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Do you prefer to make a one-time donation? Then you can do so on account number IBAN NL81 TRIO 0379 296 225 in the name of Stichting Vrienden van Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam.

Calling to +31618150702 can also. Also, for further information and/or questions, please contact us here.


  • From € 50,- per year
    Receive the digital newsletter of PRJCT Amsterdam
  • From € 100, - per year
    + Friends Actions
  • From € 250,- per year
    + Friends Actions
    + CD upon registration and each newly released CD


  • From € 1,000, - per year
    all of the above;
    + meet & greets with Maarten Engeltjes and PRJCT Amsterdam
    + name to PRJCT's Angels on our website
    + free tickets and special events


  • From € 5,000, - per year
    the Angel package
    + arranged trip to foreign concert

Guardian Angel

  • From €10,000 per year
    the Angel package
    + private concert by Maarten Engeltjes


  • From €25,000 per year


  • From €50,000 per year


  • From €100,000 per year

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Do you really want to leave something beautiful to the world?

PRJCT Amsterdam offers the opportunity to have your favorite baroque aria or melodies immortalized through audio and video recording. You can also include PRJCT Amsterdam in your will in the form of a bequest. Please contact us via for more information.

Tax advantage

PRJCT Amsterdam Foundation has been designated as cultural ANBI. This means you can deduct your donation with additional tax benefits when the annual contribution is established through a 5-year periodic gift deed.

For example: with a periodic Angel donation of € 1000 you save in the highest tax bracket 1000 x 1.25 x 0.52 = € 650. A contribution to PRJCT Amsterdam then actually "costs" only € 350. For companies, the contribution is even 150% deductible. Calculate here Your own tax benefit from a cultural donation.

In addition, committing your contribution through a periodic donation deed also helps PRJCT Amsterdam as an organization. Committing structural support funds for 5 years gives the ensemble a better and reliable financial perspective for the coming years, on which to focus policy and secure the growth of PRJCT Amsterdam.

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With the most beautiful baroque music, imaginative programming and the greatest baroque talents, Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam give concerts you won't soon forget.
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