Angel confronts listener with palette of subtle colors *****

[...] The inclusion of Angels is a hit.

What I find special about the latest recording is that the voices of Angel and soprano Shira Patchornik blend so fantastically. These are truly two souls one thought. Vocal lines are perfectly in sync and connect seamlessly. The same is true for trills and other embellishments. The climax? The magisterial, intensely sung finale with that beautiful fugue.

And then there is the passionate playing of the baroque orchestra PRJCT Amsterdam, founded by Engeltjes not so long ago (what a name!). The members draw an authentic instrumental frame that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The conducting men-alt let them make music in a delightful tempo choice.

The real secret of this Stabat Mater release is undoubtedly the palette of subtle colors with which Engeltjes confronts the listener. As mentioned above, he finds a dream partner in the Israeli soprano Patchornik. Her lyrical soprano shimmers in emotional as well as hopeful sounds.
Maarten Engeltjes himself takes the psalm Nisi Dominus ("If the Lord does not build the house") by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) for his account. Once again, it delivers a magnificent performance. The singer sings with authority, for example in the intense Cum dederit ("As He them").



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