CD Stabat Mater will be released March 29!

It was the first major project of Maarten Engeltjes and his baroque orchestra PRJCT Amsterdam: Stabat Mater by Giovanni Batista Pergolesi (1710-1736). Theme is fate, death, especially the death of a child - and especially the loss of a child as experienced by the parents. Mary at the foot of the cross mourns her son Jesus: The deeply grieved Mother | Stood weeping by the cross | While her Son hung there.

After a series of special concerts with the collaboration of author P.F. Thomése in 2017, a reprise and CD recordings followed in 2023.
The CD, which includes Vivaldi's Nisi Dominus, will be released this month. A first single will be available from March 8 and can be found via this link.
The complete CD release will take place March 29.

The CD was created in part by crowdfunding through Voordekunst.



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