Bist du bei mir

J.S. Bach / G.H. Stölzel


"Bist du bei mir" is a charming aria often attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach, but there's a delightful twist to its story. This beautiful piece is part of the Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach, a collection Bach created for his second wife, Anna Magdalena. However, the music for "Bist du bei mir" was actually composed by Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel, a contemporary of Bach. Bach gave his own twist to the composition.

The aria's lyrics are touching and romantic, expressing a sentiment of unwavering love: "If you are with me, I will go with joy to death and to my rest." The composition is simple yet profoundly expressive, making it an often played piece at weddings.

"Bist du bei mir" is beloved for its gentle melody and heartfelt emotions, appealing to both singers and listeners alike. Despite not being an original Bach piece, its association with the legendary composer and its timeless beauty have cemented its place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.


J.S. Bach / G.H. Stölzel
Bist du bei mir, BWV 508

Recorded at De Waalse Kerk, Amsterdam on Oct. 25, 2023


Maarten Engeltjes  countertenor
Rie Kimura  violin 1
Tomoe Badiarov  violin 1
Matthea de Muynck  violin 2
Alexandre Turmel  violin 2
Francesco Bergamini  viola
Evan Buttar cello
Alon Portal double bass
Kateřina Maňáková theorbo
Edoardo Valorz organ


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