Japanese music review site ‘Mikiki' about the album ‘Nicht mehr hier'
“The smoothing sound of the ensemble in Buxtehude’s “Klaglied" brings you from reality to the world of heavens and harmony." “The sensitive and powerful voice like a taut thread, and the free expressiveness are the most appealing features of the modern countertenor." “Listeners will surely find peace in the fulfilling and gentle sound of the ensemble.”
Nicht mehr hier - Music by JS Bach, D Buxtehude and JC Bach
“The angelic, ethereal sound of the countertenor voice is soothing, almost comforting, and that is important when it is about the subject of death." “Just like on his first Bach recording, Maarten Engeltjes is accompanied by the soft and hovering sounds of the baroque orchestra PRJCT Amsterdam.”
Das Opernglas - Nicht mehr hier
(...) The flawless purity of his countertenor comes into his own in a unique way in the cantata “Ich habe genug" (BWV 82) that follows the “Klagelied" from Dietrich Buxtehude. [Engeltjes] expresses the feeling of balsamic quietude and blissful timelessness like no other. (...)
Hushed rhetoric about the end of life
"... You can feel the withheld passion under his calm, smooth legato, while you hear the carefully adjusted ornamentation and the immaculate pianissimo in the higher parts. (...) Somehow, PRJCT Amsterdam places the at times exuberant groove of wholeheartedly texts like ‘Ich freue mich auf meinen Tod' and ‘Mir ekelt mehr zu leben' in a new light: not only does the protagonist find piece with the end of life, but he or she even eagerly longs for the hereafter. ..."
With his round, flexible voice, Engeltjes sings well-known solo cantatas ****
"... With his round, flexible voice, Engeltjes sings well-known solo cantatas like Ich habe genug. (...) And you will have to dry your eyes after listening to the four-part Lied of Bach’s granduncle Johann Christoph. ‘Goodnight, world, the last grain has slid through the hourglass.'"
Classical music - Maarten Engeltjes, PRJCT Amsterdam - Forgotten arias Bach (Sony)****
"...They are not really forgotten, but after all 'the old wig' composed so much that not everything could become a 'hit'. Out of context, in the voice of Engeltjes they now sound like gems on a bed beautifully made by the young orchestra... "
Classical music - Bach: Forgotten Aria's, Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam****
"... Engeltjes sings them with an incredible sense of text, a fireproof timing and a sound as clear as the stars in a cold winter sky ..."
Maarten Engeltjes has a voice you want to keep listening to****
"... In the fine selection of arias from Bach cantatas, the musicians give all the space to Engeltjess, to whose voice - round and with a beautiful harmonic saucer in the height - you want to keep listening. Highlight: the last aria Schläfert aller Sorgenkummer from cantata 197 ..."
All 'Forgotten arias' are highlights****
'... The delicious 'Kommt, ihr angefochtnen Sünder' from cantata 30, which nestles in your ear like a worm with a beautiful lucid and airy accompaniment of the orchestra. But Bach is Bach and in fact all these 'forgotten' arias are highlights. With his sovereign and supple voice, Engeltjes himself remains imposingly above the material... '
'Guide to Bach's treasury'
‘How beautifully do the oboes meander around each other to unite eventually with the voice in a unified cadence. Or take the sunny aria Kommt ihr angefocht'nen Sünder. The alto soars lightly above the enchanting accompaniment of flute and strings ... ’

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