Andreas Scholl reunites with Purcell and enchants Gaveau ****

“The orchestra of twelve musicians sounds with fullness and faithfully follows the aesthetic proposal of its charismatic leader Josef Zák: this is a very beautiful violin, dense, embodied and whose ornamental proposals are always solidly conducted. Cello and double bass provide a powerful and articulate support, particularly sensitive.”


“Maarten Engeltjes enjoys a clear voice with a very even color throughout his range, a quality that is appreciated in the virtuoso duets of “Sound the trumpet” and “Ah heav’n! What is’t I hear.”


“While keeping an exceptional control of the breath, the singer sculpts the word and plunges into the poetic material, finds a new flexibility in the garlands of eighth notes of “Music for a while”, presents with disarming sincerity the beautiful poem of an “Evening Hymn ”almost hypnotic. In great vocal form, the German countertenor revives the discourse art cultivated by Alfred Deller while adding a variety of colors very noticeable in the acoustics of the Salle Gaveau. After a cover of the hit “Sound the Trumpet”, the duo will offer a moving transcription of the traditional Scottish “Annie Laurie” whose totally assumed kitsch (pizz bass, violin duo in traditional style) undoubtedly equal the iconic version of Deanna Durbin!”


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Met de mooiste barokmuziek, vindingrijke programmering en de grootste barok talenten geven Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam concerten die je niet snel zult vergeten.
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