Cantatas by Vivaldi, Monteverdi and Cavalli

The impossible antics and coloratures will bring you into a state of musical excitement and stay with you for a long time!

In this program Maarten Engeltjes sings music by Vivaldi, Monteverdi and Cavalli. The worldly cantatas of Vivaldi are almost operas in themselves. The cantatas have pastoral texts and often deal with love problems – in contrast to Vivaldi’s characteristic cheerfulness. Love is treacherous and cruel in these cantatas. In Qual per ignoto calle the narrator makes a dark journey into the crevices of his pained heart. In other cantatas the lover begs for mercy, or forges revengeful plans. Vivaldi’s cantatas have seen a revival in recent years. In addition to being a great violin pedagogue, he must have been a skilled singing teacher as well, since many of his pupils later became well-known opera stars. The virtuosity of his operas and cantatas cannot be ignored.

The impossible antics and coloraturas will bring you into a state of musical excitement and stay with you for a long time! On the program there are also a few gems by Monteverdi and Cavalli and others.

PRJCT Amsterdam

PRJCT Amsterdam is a young baroque ensemble around countertenor Maarten Engeltjes, founded in 2017. The ensemble is formed by a solid core of outstanding, recently graduated baroque musicians with their own musical vision.
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Maarten Engeltjes
Maarten Engeltjes | counter tenor Maarten Engeltjes (1984) is one of the most sought-after counter tenors in the world. His repertoire includ

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