Josef Žák | violin/concertmaster

Josef Žák (1984) was born in Prague. He studied the violin at the Conservatory in Prague and the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden.

Žák founded a new chamber music ensemble in 2011: Castelkorn. From the very first project, Stabat Mater, he has also been closely involved with PRJCT Amsterdam as its first violinist and concertmaster. He performs with the chamber orchestra Talich and the New Prazak Quartet and regularly collaborates with famous conductors and ensembles, such as Les Arts Florissants led by William Christie, Les Talents Lyriques with Christopher Rousset and the Opera Fuoco with David Stern. He has won numerous prizes at international competitions, including recently the third prize at the Biber Competition in Sankt-Florian in Austria.

Žák is interested in music of all ages, ranging from Gregorian chants to Latin American music and modern jazz. Since 2011 he has specialized in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music. Connecting different musical styles is an important inspiration to him.

Since 2014 Žák has also been concertmaster at the Choeur Grégorien in Paris. In recent years he has taught at the Five Seasons Chamber Music Festival in Iowa (USA).



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