Interviews with Maarten Engeltjes related to the founding of PRJCT Amsterdam

Financieel Dagblad – personal, November 24, 2016
‘The world can use some hope’. ‘Tea? What kind of tea? Mint tea?’ The voice of Maarten Engeltjes is remarkably low, warm, baritone-like. He is a countertenor, the highest male voice, higher than the tenor. (…) Part of his mission is the founding of his own orchestra. Starting next year he will give recently graduated musicians the opportunity to work with big names. With the orchestra, PRJCT Amsterdam, he hopes to serve both the existing audience and attract new ones.

De Volkskrant, September 27, 2017
Counter tenor Maarten Engeltjes founds an orchestra. Maarten Engeltjes is one of the Netherlands’ most successful singers. He founded a baroque orchestra in order to be able to do finally what he thinks ‘cool’, going on tour with the writer P.F. Thomése for example. Theme: the loss of a child.


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