Maarten Engeltjes sings the most beautiful pearls of Bach

(Re)discoveries that will linger in your head for a long time

In Bach’s vocal oeuvre, the soprano and the alto occupy are privileged. Yet we know that in his spiritual and secular cantatas quite a few arias are hidden that hardly anyone has ever heard: arias that can be listened to very rarely in concert halls and that are seldomly recorded on CD. The beautiful aria ‘Wo zwei und drei versammlet sind’ from cantata BWV42 is an example. Maarten Engeltjes and Emöke Bárath, interpretors of Bach’s music on the world’s most famous stages, want to change this and join forces in this program. You will hear lesser known but certainly not less beautiful arias by Bach.


PRJCT Amsterdam

PRJCT Amsterdam is a young baroque ensemble around countertenor Maarten Engeltjes, founded in 2017. The ensemble is formed by a solid core of outstanding, recently graduated baroque musicians with a shared musical vision.
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Maarten Engeltjes
Maarten Engeltjes | counter tenor Maarten Engeltjes (1984) is one of the most sought-after counter tenors in the world. His repertoire includ
Emöke Baráth
Emöke Baráth | soprano The Hungarian soprano Emöke Baráth (1985) sings since she was eighteen. Before that she played the piano and the h
Josef Žák
Josef Žák | violin/concertmaster Josef Žák (1984) was born in Prague. He studied the violin at the Conservatory in Prague and the Hochsch

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