Stabat Mater

The first major project of Maarten Engeltjes and his baroque orchestra PRJCT Amsterdam, Stabat Mater, was first presented on 27 September 2017 in the St Jan Basilica in Laren. The theme of this first project was fate, death, in particular the death of a child – and especially the loss of a child as experienced by the parents.
The program started with two pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, Nulla in mundo pax and Nisi dominus (with the moving Cum dederit) about fate, doom and destiny.) Then P.F. Thomése, author of the book Shadow Child (2003), about the death of his own daughter, read some passages. This served as an introduction to Pergolesi’s famous and well-loved Stabat Mater (1736) in which Mary laments her son Jesus at the foot of the cross. The heartbroken Mother | Was weeping at the cross | While her Son hung there.
With this combination of eighteenth-century music and modern literature, the timelessness of the theme became tangible. The intention to make baroque music more accessible to an audience that may be more familiar with text and literature than with early music, also proved successful.

Maarten Engeltjes, counter tenor
Rosemary Joshua, soprano
P.F. Thomése, narrator
PRJCT Amsterdam, baroque orchestra
Josef Žák, violin & concertmaster

Stabat Mater has been performed six times: four times in the Netherlands (Laren, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Haarlem) and twice in France (Paris and Lyon). All concerts were highly praised.

See reviews: Joost Galema in NRC Handelsblad and Ynske Gunning in Haarlems Dagblad.


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